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Jabalpur is known for the marble rock beauty of river narmada. Know more about the tourism of Jabalpur City of Madhya Pradesh.


bhedaghat jabalpurThe City of Jabalpur ( 23°10'N; 79° 57'E; MSL 402 m ) is the headquarter of the division. Well connected with almost every important parts of India by rail, road and air. It is the zonal headquarter of western central Divison of the Indian Railways. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities of Central India. Jabalpur has its unique presence in Tourist Map of Madhya Pradesh. Important government offices like head quarters of West Central Zone, Madhya Pradesh High court, Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board etc are in Jabalpur city.

Jabalpur is most tourism friendly tourism city of Madhya Pradesh. One can find number of natural tourist sites in and around Jabalpur City. Bhedaghat or Bheraghat and Bargi dam cruise ride are the major attractions of Jabalpur City Tour. Bhedaghat is 25 kms from Jabalpur City Center where as Bargi Dam is at a distance of 40 kms from Jabalpur. Both are on Narmada river. Bhedaghat is known for glittering white marble rocks, Dhuandhar water falls and 10 th century Chousat Yogini Temple.

Boating and ropeway ride are special attraction of Bhedaghat tour. During monsoon Bhedaghat remain closed for general public. During Jabalpur sightseeing, ghats of Narmada river will give you the glimpse of Varanasi ghats but the positive difference here is the purity of river-water. Due to absence of any industrial establishments on the way of Narmada river, purity of river water is far better than Ganges. Natural Water fall called “Dhuandhar fall ” & boat ride of Bhedaghat through glittering marble rocks are most popular tourist attractions of Jabalpur city. Jabalpur city also have historical monument Madan Mahal Fort of Gond dynasty, Chaushat Yogini Temple, British era churches & buildings, 76ft. high Shiva Statue of Kachnar City temple, Pisan hari ki madhiya, Rani Durgavati Museum, Rani Durgavati War Memorial and many more points for tourists to visit & enjoy. World famous National Parks, pilgrim sites and hill station around city can also be visited on Jabalpur Excursion tours. Presence of such famous tourist destinations around Jabalpur has made it Tourism City of Madhya Pradesh.
jabalpur hotels jabalpur hotels